Consumer alert: increase in SMS lottery scam reports

Scam Alerts

Have you received an SMS saying your mobile phone number has won you a prize in a lottery you didn’t enter? It’s a scam.

The ACMA has had an increase in reports about SMS lottery scams in recent days and is reminding consumers that if they receive a message of this nature, or a variation of it, to ignore it and delete it.

Here are some of the latest examples of the scam SMS in circulation:

>        NEWS: your mobile no. has been singled out for a claim of 800,000 GBP from XYZ company contact us on: [email protected] for more.

>        Congratulations your mobile has won funds for I.M.F Award with WRLDIMF3411. To claim contact claims Dept. via: [email protected]

If you receive these or similar messages, DELETE them from your phone. DO NOT REPLY TO THESE MESSAGES.

If you’re unsure about whether you might have won something, ask yourself:

>         Did I recently enter a competition?

>         Did I recently enter a lottery?

>         Does the message seem too good to be true?


Replying to messages such as those above and giving out personal information like your name, address or banking details increases the chance that the scammer will steal your identity.

Remember, it is very difficult to win a competition you didn’t enter!

SMS spam and scam messages can be reported to the ACMA by forwarding them to 0429 999 888.

The ACMA has further advice about protecting your identity online and common scams, or visit the ACCC’s ScamWatch website for more information on how to avoid scams.

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