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Media release 62/2012 – 3 September

‘During National Child Protection Week—2-8 September—ACMA trainers will give more than 50 Cybersmart presentations to parents, teachers and students in over 20 schools,’ said ACMA Deputy Chairman, Richard Bean.

The Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) has been providing tailored one hour Internet Safety Awareness presentations (ISA) to parents, teachers and students as well as running an accredited Professional Development for Educators program (PDE) for nearly five years.

‘The Cybersafety program has proved hugely successful with over 580,000 people having attended the face-to-face presentations so far and demand continues to grow,’ he said

recent study by Griffith University’s Institute for Educational Research (GIER) has shown that students, teachers and parents place a high value on the ACMA’s free cybersafety presentations and that they are successfully changing people’s online behaviour.

‘We always knew the presentations were popular, but this research shows they are also very effective in motivating people to take steps to protect themselves online,’ said Mr Richard Bean.

Parents and teachers surveyed by GIER found the content presented to be “eye-opening”, while students described the presentations as “fun”, “useful” and “enjoyable”. Highlights of the GIER evaluation report include:

  • Students reported that they had learnt significant new information by attending an Internet Safety Awareness presentation including how to take specific actions by changing privacy settings, limiting personal information displayed on social networking sites and blocking users
  • Teachers that the ISAP and PDE workshops had equipped them to better deal with their students’ cybersafety concerns
  • Parents/carers reported that they felt more confident about their children’s online interactions as a result of attending an ISAP presentation.

The ACMA commissioned GIER to independently evaluate the Cybersmart Outreach presentations as part of its commitment to the ongoing quality and relevance of the program. Based on the feedback from teachers, parents and students, the ACMA is continuing to improve the presentations.

The ACMA also plays an extremely important role in the protection of children through investigation of offensive depictions of children online upon the receipt of a valid complaint. Where such content is potentially illegal, the ACMA refers the content to law enforcement or the international community of Internet Hotlines for enforcement action and take-downs overseas. Complaints can be made at:

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Alex McGregor on (02) 9334 7719 or [email protected].

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