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FYSO annual progress report

The Five-year spectrum outlook 201822 (FYSO) annual progress report provides an update on planned activities outlined in the FYSO.

The progress report has nine tables that show the ACMA’s 2018–19 work program for 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. 

Final 2018–22 FYSO released

The Five-year spectrum outlook 2018–22 (FYSO) presents the ACMA’s spectrum management priorities for the next five years, and includes a detailed work plan for the next year.

In May 2018, the ACMA released a draft FYSO for feedback. All feedback was considered, and we improved the final 2018–22 FYSO as a result. The 2018–22 FYSO announces key elements of a revised allocation work program, signals planning priorities, and updates progress on implementation of the Spectrum Review and new radiocommunications legislation.

Highlights of the final 2018–22 FYSO include:

  • an overview of the ACMA’s spectrum management priorities and issues over the current financial year and spanning the next five years
  • the high priority given to band planning and the allocation of spectrum, including the forthcoming 3.6 GHz auction
  • consideration of 5G, IoT and space communications as key drivers of spectrum demand and their associated pressures.

We thank all submitters for their valued feedback, which can be found in the Addendum to FYSO 2018–22: Response to submissions.


On 14 September 2018, the ACMA corrected a typographical error in the FYSO 2018–22 regarding the minister’s decision date on the potential timing of allocations for the 850/900 MHz band to Q1–2 2019–20 in the following tables:

  • Potential timing of allocations table
  • Table 3: Major price-based allocations
  • Table 16: Potential timing of allocations.

On 13 September 2018, the ACMA also made the following correction to the Addendum to FYSO 2018–22: Response to submissions document:

  • Corrected a typographical error regarding the reference to 5351.5–5366.5 kHz.


Document Word 
Five-year spectrum outlook 2018–22  645 kB 
Addendum to FYSO 2018–22: Response to submissions  379 kB 

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